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  • Populate with NFTs you own in you're wallet. Using canvas feature.

  • Host Events/Gallery's.

  • Hire/Rent your own personal metaverse.

  • Tokengated access for you're community.

  • Invite friends using a private link.

  • Jump straight in using you're browser, no wallet connection needed. On board Web2 friends/family/fans with ease.

  • Create your own Avatar with Ready Player Me in the space with official DUNE outfits.



  1. Poster size static artwork to print or display digitally (*You hold the rights as long as you hold the NFT).

  2. 4K video's Landscape and Portrait to place on a wall (*must use own display).

  3. Collectable Card Artwork (*Digital).

  4. Digital Postcard

  5. First time buyer will receive all of the above in a NFT airdrop with unlockable content via Ethereum network. 

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"Haderach is an awe-inspiring and thought provoking space! Exploring the space feels like stepping into the Dune world of Herbert and the recent epic movie. Great piece!" -  Juan Benet - CEO/Founder Protocol Labs (IPFS)

Visit Metaverse HERE



James Leigh is an award winning metaverse designer and sold his last build for 7Ξ to Filecoin which focused on Climate change, Mental health and Education. 


James has worked with top names in the Music Industry and has been published with BBC, Complex, GRM Daily, Trench plus more.


When the industry took a major hit during Covid-19, James decided to learn Blender during lockdown and 6 months later came 1st place in Filecoin's & Monas first ever metaverse build bounty. 


From the artist

Click/press for sound:

The inspiration came from the DUNE franchise, but more importantly The Bene Gesserit. I loved the mystique they carried behind them.


The Bene Gesserit are focused on acquiring power and influence to direct humanity on an enlightened path. They also have a secret, a millennia-long selective breeding program to bolster and preserve valuable skills and bloodlines as well as to produce a theoretical superhuman male of which I named the ship after the 'Kwisatz Haderach'.


The color palate and design choice's are taken from Denis Villeneuve DUNE 2021, of which I also added reconstructed props from Villeneuve and Lynch as artifacts, so they can be replaced by the collector. 


I also wanted to add my own unique flavor of design with the choice of textures and materials to give it a luxury feeling, a sense of class.

I wanted it to not only be seen as a metaverse but a piece of art you are able to explore and admire, Imagine stepping into a Dali or a Beeple, as well as providing a space to host, live or provide utility.


The story also ties into my first build "The Filecoin Forum's Garden". I wanted to leave it up to the observer to create the story from the design links.



Click/press for sound:

As when I was a child, I loved playing with toy figure's from Star wars to action men as I did not have many friends due to being bullied, partially for having a deaf mother, so I stayed in most summers, and I always made up stories in my imagination with toys I had around me, where I believe my creativity comes from. 

The previous build was focused heavily on global warming, and as artists I feel we help to tell the future. Tracy Emins 'My Bed' for example that predicted social exposure on us exposing 'all of us' to the world, and I feel I have achieved it in this piece of Metaverse art too by having a contrast to my previous build.

So is the broken dome that has collapsed, green book with the photograph and tree in the dome telling us this is the result of global warming and part of the same world or universe? You Decide!  


Juan Benet - CEO/Founder Protocol Labs (IPFS)

"James built a deeply inspiring space for the Filecoin community to gather and discuss sustainability, living with harmony, and having a positive environmental impact. Filecoin Gardens inspires all visitors to reflect, and thrive with each other. James is an artist pioneering new media, and I can’t wait to see all the things he’ll build next!"





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